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UnBlock NOKIA Cell Phones Network Providers

Insert the information below, and make a secure payment, you will receive your unBlock code in your e-mail with simple step-by-step instructions to unBlocking Easily your model of cell phone.

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UnBlock NOKIA Cell Phones Network Providers

Nokia – General Questions

If you want know more, take a look at our General FAQ or the our Support Center and Please Feel FREE to Contact Us for any Question!

Which models are Nokia BB5?

Please contact us, if you’re not sure!

Nokia 2700c Classic [RM-561] Nokia 2700c-2 Classic [RM-561] Nokia 2730c-1 Classic [RM-578] Nokia 2730c-1b Classic [RM-579] Nokia 3109c Classic [RM-274] Nokia 3109cb Classic [RM-275] Nokia 3110c Classic [RM-237] Nokia 3120c-1 Classic [RM-365] Nokia 3120c-1b Classic [RM-366] Nokia 3120c-1c Classic [RM-364] Nokia 3208c Classic [RM-572] Nokia 3250 [RM-38] Nokia 3500c Classic [RM-272] Nokia 3500cb Classic [RM-273] Nokia 3555 [RM-270] Nokia 3555b Classic [RM-257] Nokia 3555c Classic [RM-277] Nokia 3600s Slide [RM-352] Nokia 3610 Fold [RM-429] Nokia 3610a [RM-429] Nokia 3710a-1 Fold [RM-509] Nokia 3710a-1c Fold [RM-510] Nokia 3711a-1 Fold [RM-511] Nokia 5130c XpressMusic [RM-495] Nokia 5130c-2 XpressMusic [RM-496] Nokia 5200 XpressMusic [RM-174] Nokia 5200b XpressMusic [RM-181] Nokia 5220 XpressMusic [RM-411] Nokia 5220b XpressMusic [RM-410] Nokia 5230 [RM-588] Nokia 5230 Nuron [] Nokia 5230-1b [RM-594] Nokia 5233 [RM-625] Nokia 5235 Comes With Music Edition [??-???] Nokia 5300 XpressMusic [RM-146] Nokia 5300b XpressMusic [RM-147] Nokia 5310 XpressMusic [RM-303] Nokia 5310b XpressMusic [RM-304] Nokia 5320 XpressMusic [RM-416] Nokia 5320d-1 XpressMusic [RM-409] Nokia 5320d-1b XpressMusic [RM-417] Nokia 5330-1d MobileTVEdition [RM-615] Nokia 5330s XpressMusic [RM-479] Nokia 5330s-1 XpressMusic [RM-478] Nokia 5500 [RM-87] Nokia 5500d Sport [RM-86] Nokia 5530c XpressMusic [RM-504] Nokia 5530c-2 XpressMusic [RM-504] Nokia 5610 XpressMusic [RM-358] Nokia 5610d-1 XpressMusic [RM-242] Nokia 5610d-1b XpressMusic [RM-279] Nokia 5610d-2b XpressMusic [RM-359] Nokia 5611 XpressMusic [RM-358] Nokia 5630 XpressMusic [RM-432] Nokia 5630d-1 XpressMusic [RM-431] Nokia 5700 XpressMusic [RM-230] Nokia 5700b XpressMusic [RM-302] Nokia 5710 XpressMusic [RM-187] Nokia 5710b XpressMusic [RM-351] Nokia 5730s-1 XpressMusic [RM-465] Nokia 5730s-2 XpressMusic [RM-468] Nokia 5800d-1 Navigation Edition [RM-356] Nokia 5800d-1b XpressMusic [RM-428] Nokia 5800i XpressMusic [RM-602] Nokia 5802 XpressMusic [RM-427] Nokia 6085 [RM-198] Nokia 6085h [RM-198(H)] Nokia 6086 [RM-188] Nokia 6086b [RM-260] Nokia 6110n-1 Navigator [RM-122] Nokia 6110n-5 Navigator [RM-186] Nokia 6120c-1 Classic [RM-243] Nokia 6120c-5 Classic [RM-310] Nokia 6121c-1 Classic [RM-308] Nokia 6122c Classic [RM-425] Nokia 6124 (Vodafone) [RM-422] Nokia 6125 [RM-178] Nokia 6126 [RM-126] Nokia 6126h [RM-126(H)] Nokia 6131 [RM-115] Nokia 6131 NFC [RM-216V] Nokia 6133 [RM-115] Nokia 6133 [RM-173] Nokia 6133b [RM-126] Nokia 6133h [RM-126(H)] Nokia 6135 [RM-98] Nokia 6136 [RM-106] Nokia 6136b [RM-199] Nokia 6151 [RM-200] Nokia 6210s Navigator [RM-386] Nokia 6210s-1 Navigator [RM-367] Nokia 6210s-1b Navigator [RM-419] Nokia 6210s-1c Navigator [RM-408] Nokia 6212c Classic [RM-396] Nokia 6216c-1 Classic [RM-531] Nokia 6220c Classic [RM-387] Nokia 6220c-1 Classic [RM-328] Nokia 6233 [RM-145] Nokia 6233b [RM-123] Nokia 6234 [RM-123] Nokia 6260s-1 Slide [RM-368] Nokia 6267 [RM-210] Nokia 6270 [RM-56] Nokia 6280 [RM-78] Nokia 6282 [RM-79] Nokia 6288 [RM-268] Nokia 6288 [RM-78] Nokia 6290 [RM-176] Nokia 6300 [RM-217] Nokia 6300b [RM-222] Nokia 6300i [RM-337] Nokia 6301 [RM-322] Nokia 6301b [RM-323] Nokia 6303c Classic [RM-443] Nokia 6303ic Classic [RM-638] Nokia 6500c Classic [RM-265] Nokia 6500c-5 Classic [RM-397] Nokia 6500s Slide [RM-240] Nokia 6500s-5 Slide [RM-278] Nokia 6555 [RM-271] Nokia 6555c Classic [RM-276] Nokia 6556c Classic [RM-276] Nokia 6600f-1 Fold [RM-325] Nokia 6600s-1c Slide [RM-414] Nokia 6600is-1c Slide [RM-570] Nokia 6630 [RM-1] Nokia 6631 (NM850iG) [RM-109] Nokia 6650d-1bH (T-Mobile) [RM-324] Nokia 6680 [RM-36] Nokia 6681 [RM-57] Nokia 6682 [RM-58] Nokia 6700c-1 Classic [RM-470] Nokia 6700s Slide [RM-576] Nokia 6710s-1 Navigator [RM-491] Nokia 6720c Classic [RM-424] Nokia 6720c-1b Classic [RM-564] Nokia 6730c-1 Classic [RM-547] Nokia 6730c-1 Classic [RM-566] Nokia 6760s-1 Slide [RM-573] Nokia 6788 [RM-567] Nokia 6788i [RM-636] Nokia 6790s-1b Surge [RM-492] Nokia 6790s-1c Surge [RM-599] Nokia 7230 [RM-604] Nokia 7230-c1 [RM-598] Nokia 7310c Supernova [RM-379] Nokia 7310cb Supernova [RM-378] Nokia 7370 [RM-70] Nokia 7373 [RM-209] Nokia 7390 [RM-140] Nokia 7500 Prism [RM-249] Nokia 7500b Prism [RM-250] Nokia 7510 Supernova [RM-399] Nokia 7510a Supernova [RM-398] Nokia 7610s Supernova [RM-354] Nokia 7610sb Supernova [RM-355] Nokia 7900d-1 Prism [RM-264] Nokia 8600d Luna [RM-164] Nokia 8800e-1 Arte [RM-233] Nokia 8800e-1 Carbon Arte [RM-233] Nokia C3-00 [RM-614] Nokia C5-00 [RM-645] Nokia C6-00 [RM-612] Nokia C6-00.1 [RM-624] Nokia E5-00 [RM-632] Nokia E50-1 [RM-170] Nokia E50-2 [RM-171] Nokia E51-1 [RM-244] Nokia E51-2 [RM-426] Nokia E52-1 [RM-469] Nokia E52-2 [RM-481] Nokia E52-? [RM-480] Nokia E55-1 [RM-482] Nokia E55-2 [RM-483] Nokia E60-1 [RM-49] Nokia E61-1 [RM-89] Nokia E61i-1 [RM-227] Nokia E61i-2 [RM-294] Nokia E62-1 [RM-88] Nokia E62-1 [RM-88A] Nokia E63-1 [RM-437] Nokia E63-3 [RM-450] Nokia E65-1 [RM-208] Nokia E66-1 [RM-343] Nokia E66-2 [RM-345] Nokia E66-3 [RM-420] Nokia E66-5 [RM-494] Nokia E70-1 [RM-10] Nokia E70-2 [RM-24] Nokia E71-1 [RM-346] Nokia E71-2 [RM-357] Nokia E71-3 [RM-407] Nokia E71-5 [RM-493] Nokia E71x [RM-462] Nokia E72 [RM-584] Nokia E72-1 [RM-530] Nokia E72-2 [RM-529] Nokia E75-1 [RM-412] Nokia E75-2 [RM-413] Nokia E90-1 Communicator [RA-6] Nokia E90-? Communicator [RA-7] Nokia N70-1 [RM-84] Nokia N70-5 [RM-99] Nokia N71-1 [RM-67] Nokia N71-5 [RM-112] Nokia N72-5 [RM-180] Nokia N73-1 [RM-133] Nokia N73-5 [RM-132] Nokia N75-3 [RM-128] Nokia N76-1 [RM-135] Nokia N76-5 [RM-149] Nokia N77-1 [RM-194] Nokia N77-2 [RM-195] Nokia N77-5 [] Nokia N78-1 [RM-235] Nokia N78-3 [RM-342] Nokia N78-5 [RM-236] Nokia N79-1 [RM-348] Nokia N79-3 [RM-350] Nokia N79-5 [RM-349] Nokia N8-00 [RM-596] Nokia N80-1 [RM-92] Nokia N80-3 [RM-91] Nokia N81-1 8GB [RM-179] Nokia N81-3 [RM-223] Nokia N81-5 [RM-256] Nokia N81-6 [RM-269] Nokia N82-1 [RM-313] Nokia N82-5 [RM-314] Nokia N85-1 [RM-333] Nokia N85-3 [RM-334] Nokia N85-5 [RM-335] Nokia N86-1 8MP [RM-484] Nokia N86-3 8MP [RM-485] Nokia N86-5 8MP [RM-486] Nokia N90-1 [RM-42] Nokia N91-1 [RM-43] Nokia N91-2 [RM-43] Nokia N91-5 [RM-158] Nokia N91-6 [RM-158] Nokia N92-1 [RM-100] Nokia N92-2 [RM-101] Nokia N93-1 [RM-55] Nokia N93-5 [RM-153] Nokia N93i-1 [RM-156] Nokia N93i-5 [RM-157] Nokia N95-1 [RM-159] Nokia N95-2 8GB [RM-320] Nokia N95-3 NAM [RM-160] Nokia N95-4 8GB NAM [RM-421] Nokia N95-5 [RM-245] Nokia N95-6 [RM-321] Nokia N96-1 [RM-247] Nokia N96-3 [RM-472] Nokia N96-5 [RM-297] Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition [] Nokia N97-1 [RM-505] Nokia N97-3 [RM-507] Nokia N97-4 Mini [RM-555] Nokia N97-5 [RM-506] Nokia N97-6 Mini [RM-553] Nokia NM705i (DoCoMo) [RM-309] Nokia X5-01 [RM-627] Nokia X6-00 [RM-559] Nokia X6-00.1 [RM-551] Nokia X6-00m [RM-552]

How to UnBlock a Nokia Phone?

NOTE: If you have bought from us, together with the code you will see the instructions more suitable for your model.

This is the standard Nokia unlocking procedure

1 – Switch ON your phone without SIM Card,
2 – Compose #PW+CODE+1#

(if locked from Fido/Roger Canada, please compose#PW+CODE+7#)

The letter P appear after press 3 times quickly the button star ( * )
The letter W appear after press 4 times quickly the button star ( * )
The letter + appear after press 2 times quickly the button star ( * )

3 – The phone show “SIM Restriction Off” and was unlocked !

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